If you’re currently on a weight loss journey, our cutting-edge treatments at RLabs can be an amazing addition into your routine to boost your results and speed up the process. Whether you want to lose 20kg or 2kg, we have a variety of treatments that can smooth cellulite, increase toning and allow you to get back in the gym faster with the power of science-backed recovery.

By utilising the power of science and technology in our treatments, we’re confident we can help you reach your physique goals. Our treatments are the perfect complement to a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine, and can help your body eliminate toxins, boost your metabolism and reduce your recovery time.

The right tools, the right team and the right vision

Our expert staff and nurses are on-hand to ensure your experience at RLabs is smooth, safe and relaxing. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about our treatments that can aid in weight loss, and will be able to help you choose the treatment that will be most beneficial for your unique situation.