The benefits

Our cutting-edge treatments offer a wide range of benefits that will revolutionise the way you move, work, train and live. Whether you’re wanting a few moments of luxury relaxation after a hectic week, a new sports recovery routine or a massage to soothe the knottiest of muscles, our wellness centre can deliver. Come join us and see the benefits of cryotherapy, compression therapy, infrared saunas, massage and more for yourself.

We embrace the idea that technology has the power to alter and revitalise the human condition.

About R/LABS

R/Labs is conveniently located in the heart of Gregory Hills in Sydney’s South West. We’re at Shop 5, 7 Gregory Hills Drive, Gregory Hills, Sydney.

Started in 2019, we set out with a vision to bring the science of tomorrow to today. We find the collision of technology and health extremely exciting, and are passionate about bringing these cutting-edge recovery methods to you. We believe that with the right tools, the right vision and the right team, anything is possible for the human body. Our expert staff strive to deliver this vision to you every time you visit us, no matter the nature of your session.