There really is no better feeling than training and using your muscles to their full potential. You train hard in the gym and lead a busy life, which makes putting the proper time and effort in your muscle recovery routine extremely important. As your tendons, ligaments and joints are put under stress when you work out, it’s crucial to take care of them so they can support you through a rigorous training schedule.

At RLabs we have a range of cutting-edge equipment that’s backed by science and technology to ace your muscle recovery. Whether you opt for ice-cold cryotherapy, a sweaty infrared sauna session or the NormaTec Compression Therapy suit, we’ve got your muscle recovery covered.

The right tools, the right team and the right vision

For cutting-edge muscle recovery methods, RLabs is your first and last stop. Our expert team of staff and nurses will be able to work with you to create a tailor-made treatment plan that will address your specific muscle recovery needs. No matter which treatment you choose, your muscles will have never felt more ready for action.