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Remedial massage is the ultimate way to melt away your stress and tension, while also receiving a deeply beneficial treatment for your muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Whether you’re a full-time worker, a professional athlete, or you’re just after a bit of much-needed ‘me time’ – remedial massage is an excellent choice for your next visit with us.

Remedial massage is a style of massage that targets specific areas of the body, incorporating deep tissue methods to relieve muscle tightness, tension and fatigue. Our clients commonly ask us to perform remedial massage on these areas of their bodies:

  • Stiff necks
  • Sore shoulders
  • Tense and painful backs
  • Legs for sports recovery


Why RLabs for Massage Therapy?

At RLabs, one of our values is ‘high-tech relaxation’ – we’re about utilising all available science and technology to enable us to live, move and feel better. Our expert remedial massage therapists at RLabs have undergone thousands of hours of training along with having years of experience to ensure you’re receiving an amazing massage, every time you visit us.

01 / Relieving tension and stress

Remedial massage therapy (whether it’s the regular method or a tailored sports remedial massage) is fantastic for melting away the stress and tension that accumulates in our bodies.

02 / Helping muscle soreness

Remedial massage incorporates deep tissue methods that thoroughly penetrate the muscle fascia. This allows you to recover from sports or gym sessions faster by easing the dreaded DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness).

03 / Easing back pain

With so many of us now spending the majority of our days sitting down, taking care of our backs is crucial for avoiding issues later down the line. Remedial massage can ease already existing back problems by melting away the muscle soreness that can plague this area.

Revitalise your body, revitalise your life. We believe that rest, recovery and respect are the keys to living as the best version of yourself.

Have some questions?

What is the difference between myotherapy and remedial massage?

To put it simply, remedial massage therapists work to decrease the symptoms of problems like musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction through traditional deep tissue massage techniques. Myotherapy, on the other hand, involves treating both the immediate symptoms of the problem AND the base cause of the issue – whether it’s behavioural, postural, structural, or related to muscular imbalance. Myotherapists study biomechanics, postural analysis and injury rehabilitation, as well as traditional massage techniques.


How do I prepare for my remedial massage?

If it’s your first time with us at RLabs, please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment time so our team can welcome you and discuss any needs you may have.

There are a few things to do to prepare for your remedial massage and ensure it’s a blissful, soothing and highly beneficial experience.

  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day before your massage.
  2. Wear loose and comfortable clothing so it’s easy to redress.
  3. Refrain from wearing any deodorant, perfume or cologne on the day of your massage, and refrain from shaving.
  4. Don’t eat for an hour and a half before your treatment, to avoid any digestion discomfort.

Frequently asked questions

The RLabs team are passionate about ensuring you leave every visit to our laboratory feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and recovered, while receiving the highest standards of safety and care.

01 / How much does remedial massage therapy at RLabs cost?

02 / How long does a remedial massage session at RLabs last?